As a concept it really shouldn’t be that difficult. There’s nine of you. Eight of you know that in July you will be going to Prague, one of you doesn’t. On paper the idea of keeping it like this until you get to the airport really shouldn’t be a problem. Except it ALWAYS is.

As the old war time adage went, loose lips sink ships. In this case ‘drunk’ lips don’t just sink the ship, they climb on to it, throw everyones luggage off and then tell the groom to be that he’s going to Southampton. I’ve been on several secret stags and have only been on one where the stag was still blissfully unaware of the destination we were heading to as we boarded the flight.

My advice on this would be to get to know your enemy. If you are a tight group of friends then you’re probably already aware of who is most likely to spill the beans, whether it’s through over excitement, short term memory loss from too many sherbets on a night out or just a lack of brain cells. This man needs to be tracked at all times, kept off any group email that contains the stag and reminded of that fact that it’s a surprise every time you get together.

A few years ago this wouldn’t have been the herculean task that it is today. Unless it was a night out at the pub, groups of friends would go for weeks if not months without exchanging as much as an ‘alright?’. Now everyone and his brother is all over facebook, whatsapp and pinterest( just me?). Add to this the daily email exchange that manages to make eight hours in an office slightly more bearable, and you have got a full scale data protection nightmare on your hands.

I’d love to say that there is a full proof solution to it all. If truth be told though, I am the big mouthed, absent minded, heartbreaker who gives the game away two weeks before anyone’s even thought about an online check in. I don’t know why I do it, I love surprises and I love stags. I just can’t seem to hold it together when the pressures on or when the pints are slipping down.  The only consolation I can offer is that I’ve suffered for it over the years. I’ve drunk more chilli vodka than anyone should have to and I’ve felt the wrath of many an angered best man. All I can say is that whether the stag knows where he’s going or not, he’s still going to be over the moon that a group of his bestest buds have booked time off work, and spent money they haven’t got dressing up as Nuns just for him. That’s something that will even dull the blow of finding out you will be spending your last weekend of bachelorhood in Derby.

Ok, nothing will dull that blow but you get my point yeah?