Organizing a stag for one of your best mates is one of the greatest honours you will ever have. Let that glow wash over you for a few days because as soon as you get down to the nitty gritty of trying to assemble thirty odd blokes with varying tastes, personalities and budgets to agree on a place, things are going to get a lot harder.

My first tip for anyone in this position would be to decide on a location and stick with it. If you are keeping it a surprise from the groom and you are the only best man then at least make sure you get together with a couple of his closest mates and run the idea past them. As soon as you unleash the idea to the group of stags you need to be nailed on that you have the destination sorted, otherwise you run the risk of receiving fifteen well meaning but annoying emails suggesting loads of other places. I know someone who opened the idea of destination out to the group and ended up trying to reply to about forty five different suggestions whilst running his own business and expecting a baby. Sounds like a laugh to you? Exactly. Being the best man is like being a teacher or a coach. You need to have a quiet authority that seems to say " I'm your buddy, I'm your pal and I will be the first on the jaeger bombs on a Friday night, however question my choice of destination again and the closest you'll get to the stag is watching the flipogram of us at Manchester dog track."

I know, I know no one likes a dictator. That's why you're going to thoroughly do your homework before you even think about sending the first email out. It can be as simple as sitting down for a pint with the groom and finding out what he actually wants from a stag. Not everyone wants to wake up in Vegas with a tattoo of a Dolphin riding a segway on their inner thigh, some people would be happier with a night in the local beer garden as long as everybody they knew could come. The main thing you need to find out is who are the A list people that the groom can't imagine not being there. If everyone on this list is making more cash than they know what to do with then the world is your oyster, if not then it's time to start narrowing the options.

I've been to stags in Valencia, Barcelona and an amazing cottage in the Cotswolds with a hot tub, I've also been to hostels in Newquay, Weymouth and Newport. I enjoyed every single one of them and so did the stags. The most important thing with any social gathering is the people, get that right and you can't go wrong.

It's also worth reminding yourself that the bleaker the place you go to, the less the damage deposit will be. Boys will be boys!