Whether you go for a traditional wedding with all the trimmings or celebrate matrimony with your beloved by pulling up on a quad bike each, it's fair to say that most weddings in 2017 are going to be very different to the way they were conducted in the past. The speeches at weddings are no exception to this and this is something that I am amazed didn't happen years and years ago.  At the Wedding Speech Guy we have been lucky enough to write several Maid of Honour speeches as well as assist Brides with planning a few words and hope that this is a trend that is going to rocket in the future!

It's been awesome to get involved with writing for both Brides and Grooms. When I first started this site I expected my business to be predominantly Best Men with the occasional Maid of Honour speech as a bonus. My first reaction when I was asked to assist with a bride's speech was whether I would be able to do as good a job at capturing the emotion of feeling that in love with someone as the speaker would themselves. Anyone who knows me is aware that I live my life waiting for romance that would only be matched by the last five minutes of an eighties rom com. One of the best things about doing wedding speeches for me is writing the the mushy, sentimental parts, while I'm writing this I'm listening to a spotify recording of musicals from broadway! I love getting a big laugh as much as the next person but find the parts of speeches I look back on the fondest are when I've made a few happy tears creep out as well. All this aside, I was still pretty stressed about how I would be able to step into the shoes of someone who was very much in love.

I needn't have worried, the process was exactly the same as it has been for all the best men speeches I've written in the past few years. The Bride or Groom gives me the information and tells me why this person they are stood opposite from is so special and then I step in to help craft the speech. I've had comments before from people saying that having a speech written for you somehow devalues the emotional value that goes into it. I completely disagree, I have been reduced to tears plenty of times when I have been putting a speech together, the amount of effort and thought that clients put into it has blown me away time and time again.

To put it simply, if you had loads of amazing ideas for your house but weren't that confident with major structural work you would definitely hire a builder. Likewise, if you wanted to lose a load of weight or feel fitter you would consult a personal trainer. As the Wedding Speech Guy I am here to provide advice, structure and some general assistance with creating a speech that your loved one will remember forever.

Whether you're a partner, a Best man, a Maid of honour, a Bride, a Groom or an enthusiastic friend, I'm here to help you every step of the way. Here's to weddings of the future and speeches that last for about fifteen hours!