We asked top stag organizers Freedom to write a post on the latest stag trends. You wont be surprised to find that consuming booze, playing football and watching women wrestle in mud are still pretty popular:


 May have beer in the name, but really lads you need to wait for the post-match analysis to sink a few cold ones. Not many of us have escaped the pain and often humiliation that beer googles induce, but here it’s added a new dimension to the much-loved 5-aside game. Yes, you wear the binocular glasses and are still expected to strike the ball cleanly. These specially designed numpty inducing goggles result in fresh air kicks and utter bemusement on everyone's faces! Fun and hilarity guaranteed.

Sometimes you’ve just got to flirt with danger, tweak the nipples of fate and laugh in the waiting room of A&E. If life has become a little too comfortable, maybe it’s time to get the stag big time. A tough guy challenge with:

or get “down and dirty" with the girls when they challenge him to a mud wrestling match.


The odds aren't in his favour though; two against one, could be every man's dream? This will be the perfect Kodak moment for the best man’s speech!

Following the huge success of It’s A Knockout, Total Wipe Out and Ninja Warriors, enter the new stag challenge of 'Goofy Games'

Bring it on! Going for gold in the Stag-lympic games, involves the most extreme obstacle courses. After each challenge, teams get points and points mean prizes, leaving an ultimate champion.

Talking of champions, how about grabbing the chance to 'Play with a legend'

A unique opportunity to play with an all-star of your choosing, live out your boyhood dreams with a Premier League legend.

And finally staying on the football theme, take control with 'Electric shock football'


where you have the "power" to give a player on the opposition an electric shock. So instead of moaning to the ref about a dodgy tackle and questioning his parentage, punish him instead. Genius.

Article by Mike Wood