The last few months have been a haze of boozy picnics, boozy barbecues and boozy holidays. An inevitable result of this is a flurry of proposals, whether on bended knee at Primrose Hill, on the edge of Lake Como or at a service station Burger King. You've liked the picture on Facebook, congratulated your mate and now you've been given the nod as Best man. Things are sliding into place nicely. Over the next few months you are going to be in charge of one of the most important trips your pal will ever attend, and you're going to be doing it ALONE. I'm sure some of the other lads have said they will help you out but you need to realise now that this will consist of them sending you clips from the hangover, photoshopping your mates head on to pictures of someone being lobbed off a cliff and suggesting Ibiza as the location in every other email. You need to take charge and you need to start strong. This all begins with deciding who's going to be invited.

Obviously the stag himself is going to decide who they want to come on their stag. That doesn't mean that you can't be involved in the process from the off though. Take the man of the hour out for a pint and find out what it is they actually want from a stag. Myself, I'd be all about the numbers. I'd want all my mates there and I realise this will involve taking into account a lot of different budgets, availability and locations. Narrowing in on where you want to go is going to sort out a lot of unnecessary stagmin later. If your stag wants to go to Majorca for six nights then that's fine, but this is clearly going take a few people out of the mix. However if he's happy going down the road to do a bit of paintball then a lot more people are going to be able to attend. First job is to get a definitive list together of all those the stag thinks will be up for it. This can go out as a blanket email that everyone can reply to with a simple yes or no, from here you can edit the list so that you now have a solid squad to work with.

Having organised a lot of stags in my time I would suggest getting the stag to ring round a few people who he suspects wont be able to come so that he can organise an alternate meeting with them. I have lost count of the number of people who out of politeness have gone along with plans for a stag until it's time to start getting the cash out. I've spent lunch hours at work chasing round people who if they're honest could have bowed out of the stag about nine months earlier. 

Now you've got you're trimmed down list it's time to start nailing down where you're going and what you are going to do......

Next Week: Building A Stag 2: Where you going? What are you doing?