Since the advent of the internet it can be tempting to think of a wedding speech as an opportunity to showcase your skills. Do a quick search on youtube for best man speeches and you will find guitar strumming, slam poets riding unicycles and an extremely ill advised bit of break dancing. Even people who don’t fancy serenading the room are upping the ante by bringing in power point presentations of how well they know the bride and groom. 

I’ve seen several speeches in which best men have used tech that would rival the super bowl half time show and carried it off with aplomb. However, I once watched a father of the bride have a mini nervous breakdown caused by a faulty projector. You haven’t experienced awkwardness until you’ve sat with 120 equally stunned guests watching a grown man call a piece of equipment names that would make a builder blush.

It’s something that I repeat a lot on here because it’s so vital but preparation is absolutely paramount if you are going to introduce a few more variables into your speech. Unless you want to end up like the projector dad I would recommend having a couple of practice runs using all the equipment you intend to use on the big day. I imagine there will be a couple of people reading this who are tech savvier than Mark Zuckerberg segwaying through silicon valley playing angry birds whilst skyping his Mum at the same time. If so then, granted, you will probably be fine. If however, like me, you are a massive ball of nerves on the big day then it’s probably better to have as few hurdles between you finishing to a standing ovation as possible. You can still think outside the box and deliver an amazing speech without finishing your last gag to a flurry of pyrotechnics.

Last but not least, yes of course you want the speech to reflect what a talented person you are but it’s more important that it shows what a good friend/ mother or father you are. The person who asked you to do the speech asked you to do it because they love you and not because they know you have access to a troupe of seals who know all the moves to ‘Single Ladies.’

Get the speech right and you won’t need fireworks to make the day unforgettable.

And please, please, please don’t beat up a projector. It won’t make you look good!