Unless you have been living in a tent in rural Antarctica for the last month, you will be painfully aware that the next president of America will be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. There hasn't been much room for mutual respect or professionalism in this campaign and both sides have pulled no punches in trying to discredit the other. When the cameras are off it's highly likely that Donald and Hillary pop on their onesies and watch the Kardashians together, but in the public eye at least, their distain for each other shows no sign of slowing down.

When it comes to relationships, the odds are stacked against us finding someone who gets on with every single friend or family member we have. Most people tend to grudgingly accept their in laws into their lives and do what they can to avoid spending every christmas shivering in a spare bedroom in the middle of nowhere. When it comes to our best mates it's a little trickier. With people choosing to get getting married much later in life now, our best friends have often been the most important people in our lives for longer than we can remember. When someone comes along and threatens that relationship it can lead to bitterness and antagonism that makes Donald and Hillary look like BFF'S.

I've attended many weddings where there has been a very uneasy alliance between the best man and the bride, the maid of honour and the groom or everybody and the father of the bride. Throw into that mix a large quantity of alcohol and a microphone and you have a recipe for a punch up before the prosecco has been poured.

As tempting as it can be to use a best man or maid of honour speech to settle a long running score with your friends fiancee, in reality your only going to make yourself look insane. You might harbour a secret dream that your friend is going to see sense at the final hour and leg it down the aisle to freedom. In reality, that's as likely to happen as Trump and Clinton fist bumping and deciding to call it a draw. The world is made up of very, very different people, some of whom you will get on with, some you will be able to take or leave and some you hope will be eaten by a Bear. It's possible that one of the latter will end up marrying someone very close to you. In that case you need to take a deep breath, sink your body weight in booze and pretend that you are "really, really happy for them"

Unless they're about to marry Donald Trump. In that case you should probably say something.