There are normally two schools of thought when it comes to activities on a stag. For hearty young lads who are used to boozing non stop for two days and are mentally equipped to handle it, there probably isn’t much point organising much more than a pub crawl or two. However, if like me you are solidly in the middle of your thirties and are still being invited on stags, it’s probably best to get something booked that takes you away from a licensed bar for at least an hour.

I have taken part in many a stag activity with varying levels of success, ranging from dodging balls in a community centre whilst vomiting in a bag,  to leaping off some hastily assembled scaffolding into a Spanish reservoir.  In no particular order here are three stag activities that I heartily recommend:


I believe that blobbing is something every man should experience once in their lifetime. Mainly because I had to go through it, so I don’t see why the rest of youshouldn’t suffer. Blobbing involves sitting on the edge of a large inflatable cushion waiting for two of the other stags to jump on the other end, therefore catapulting you up into the air and then down towards the water at a horrific speed. Does it hurt? Very much so.  Is it safe? Probably not. Will you all laugh about it later( as long as nobody dies)? Definitely. Here’s a video of what I’m talking about:


You must have seen a group of stags wobbling about in huge plastic balls, smashing into each other and pretending that they haven’t just fractured every bone in each other’s spines.  Zorbing is slightly safer than blobbing, but only because there is absolutely zero chance of anyone drowning. It’s pretty cheap, can be done just about anywhere and will give you the chance to run as hard as you can at that guy you’ve hated since year 8.


Ideal for a summer stag and also an activity that will bring you in quite close contact with several hen parties. The team nature of it will get the lads bonding and all levels of physical fitness are catered for. There is usually a bar on site that you can jump into as soon as you’ve finished if the lure of the hair of the dog is proving too much.


Whether you opt for paint balling in the mud in Gloucester or booze cruising round Marbella, as long as the group dynamics are fine, the stag will be a success.

NEXT WEEK: How to keep a large stag group happy…