I've been on more stags than I've had hot dinners, serious relationships or watched repeated episodes of friends. In that time I've also been involved in organising quite a few. These days it's almost quite an enjoyable experience as I have learnt to let things go over my head instead of having a breakdown in a post office because a booze cruise I've booked for twenty men has now gone out of business. My intention over the next few months on this blog is to guide you lovely best men through the agonising process of organising your first stag. There will be laughter, there will be tears and ultimately there will be two am phone calls to the brides brother in law who has decided that 'Prague' actually isn't his cup of tea, forty eight hours after you have paid a deposit for him. I know, I know, I've been there brother. It's time to take a deep breath, pour yourself a nice drop of mid strength lager and allow me to guide you through the roadblocks that you may stumble across on the first part of your journey to stag nirvana.


I'ts highly likely you have been handed a list of men who your friend would like to attend his stag. This list will encompass people he drinks with on a weekly basis, people he hasn't seen for fifteen years, his fiance's uncle, who loves a drink and an assortment of current work mates, five a side footballers and perhaps a cage fighter from Norwich who will kick off on the first night and never be see again. Regardless of these peoples occupations or family situations, you'd have thought they would be able to reply to an email within three months wouldn't you? Yeah so would I. What tends to happen is that you will spend half of your lunch break trying to get hold of someone you've never met called Barry as you need to know whether he would like to go paint balling with you in Tottness. It's important to set deadlines early and make sure that all the emails you are given for people are up to date. If they still choose not to reply then it's goodnight Vienna or Dublin or wherever else you are proposing on going. I don't care if they have seven kids and another on the way, are the CEO of Morgan Stanley or live in a cave in Peru. Everybody has email these days. EVERYBODY.


The only people that should have any discussion regarding the location of the stags should be the best men. Once it has been agreed on, that's what's happening. However you are now about to be besieged by all manner of suggestions as to what would be a better location. I used to smile and acknowledge these before politely explaining that the decision had been made. Now, almost ten years into my stag organising career I am more to the point.

"Oh you've been to Norwhich have you mate? Liked it there did you? Learnt how to paddle board and then have a lovely stone oven baked pizza? Smashing. Personally mate, I don't care if your niece had her eyes picked out by herons, we're going to Barcelona.

Job done.


Look, there's no denying that you will have some stressful moments sorting out this stag but always remember what it is you're doing. It's not life altering surgery, you're not sending a load of men over the top in 1943. It's a stag weekend and people need to remember that. You're real life will always take priority over trying to design a tshirt saying "Bills Last Stand Tenerife", if you can't get everything done in time you can't get everything done.

Now, drain that beer and go and watch some Netflix. We've got a hard few months ahead of us gentlemen.




Hello and apologies for a summer of radio silence on the blog! No excuses really, been pretty busy in all aspects of my life and neglected my duties. I hope that you are all well and that all the people I wrote speeches for over the last few months are still very happily married or at least still in contact!

Got a busy few months ahead with stags and weddings of some very good friends of mine. After a relatively relaxed year stag wise, I am going to be thrown back into the mix of things as both an attender and an organizer. I will be drawing on my experiences to bring you tips on putting together a great stag, holding it all together before your speech when all you want to do is run for the hills and most importantly keeping you updated on how my thirty six year old body is dealing with the incredible brutality of forty eight hours of Stagging!

Happy Halloween, see you all in November! 


As we slowly start to approach the summer and what is usually considered peak wedding season, I thought I would write a quick post explaining exactly how my service works. 

A lot of people ask me how it's possible to write a speech about someone I've never met. It's actually very simple. When I receive a request through the website I will always respond within twenty four hours and will send out examples of tried and tested speech openers personalised for the client. I will then send out a template that allows me to get as much information as possible about the subject of the speech. I have specially prepared questionnaires for best men, maids of honour and brides and grooms so I am ready for any eventuality!

 If the client is happy I will ask for half of the payment as a deposit, with the rest due on completion. During the speech process I am in constant communication with the client, sending over a draft and being prepared to add new information, particularly if there is a stag or a hen party looming! I take an enormous amount of pride and satisfaction in every speech I write and want my clients to walk into that wedding feeling one hundred percent confident. I can't guarantee that you'll catch the bouquet, I can't do anything about that head shredding prosecco hangover, and I can't ensure that you wont get sat on the lonely singles table. However, I will guarantee that you will deliver a speech that will see you carried out of the room like a conquering hero!

What are you waiting for?! Get in touch today!


Whether you go for a traditional wedding with all the trimmings or celebrate matrimony with your beloved by pulling up on a quad bike each, it's fair to say that most weddings in 2017 are going to be very different to the way they were conducted in the past. The speeches at weddings are no exception to this and this is something that I am amazed didn't happen years and years ago.  At the Wedding Speech Guy we have been lucky enough to write several Maid of Honour speeches as well as assist Brides with planning a few words and hope that this is a trend that is going to rocket in the future!

It's been awesome to get involved with writing for both Brides and Grooms. When I first started this site I expected my business to be predominantly Best Men with the occasional Maid of Honour speech as a bonus. My first reaction when I was asked to assist with a bride's speech was whether I would be able to do as good a job at capturing the emotion of feeling that in love with someone as the speaker would themselves. Anyone who knows me is aware that I live my life waiting for romance that would only be matched by the last five minutes of an eighties rom com. One of the best things about doing wedding speeches for me is writing the the mushy, sentimental parts, while I'm writing this I'm listening to a spotify recording of musicals from broadway! I love getting a big laugh as much as the next person but find the parts of speeches I look back on the fondest are when I've made a few happy tears creep out as well. All this aside, I was still pretty stressed about how I would be able to step into the shoes of someone who was very much in love.

I needn't have worried, the process was exactly the same as it has been for all the best men speeches I've written in the past few years. The Bride or Groom gives me the information and tells me why this person they are stood opposite from is so special and then I step in to help craft the speech. I've had comments before from people saying that having a speech written for you somehow devalues the emotional value that goes into it. I completely disagree, I have been reduced to tears plenty of times when I have been putting a speech together, the amount of effort and thought that clients put into it has blown me away time and time again.

To put it simply, if you had loads of amazing ideas for your house but weren't that confident with major structural work you would definitely hire a builder. Likewise, if you wanted to lose a load of weight or feel fitter you would consult a personal trainer. As the Wedding Speech Guy I am here to provide advice, structure and some general assistance with creating a speech that your loved one will remember forever.

Whether you're a partner, a Best man, a Maid of honour, a Bride, a Groom or an enthusiastic friend, I'm here to help you every step of the way. Here's to weddings of the future and speeches that last for about fifteen hours!


We asked top stag organizers Freedom to write a post on the latest stag trends. You wont be surprised to find that consuming booze, playing football and watching women wrestle in mud are still pretty popular:


 May have beer in the name, but really lads you need to wait for the post-match analysis to sink a few cold ones. Not many of us have escaped the pain and often humiliation that beer googles induce, but here it’s added a new dimension to the much-loved 5-aside game. Yes, you wear the binocular glasses and are still expected to strike the ball cleanly. These specially designed numpty inducing goggles result in fresh air kicks and utter bemusement on everyone's faces! Fun and hilarity guaranteed.

Sometimes you’ve just got to flirt with danger, tweak the nipples of fate and laugh in the waiting room of A&E. If life has become a little too comfortable, maybe it’s time to get the stag big time. A tough guy challenge with:

or get “down and dirty" with the girls when they challenge him to a mud wrestling match.


The odds aren't in his favour though; two against one, could be every man's dream? This will be the perfect Kodak moment for the best man’s speech!

Following the huge success of It’s A Knockout, Total Wipe Out and Ninja Warriors, enter the new stag challenge of 'Goofy Games'

Bring it on! Going for gold in the Stag-lympic games, involves the most extreme obstacle courses. After each challenge, teams get points and points mean prizes, leaving an ultimate champion.

Talking of champions, how about grabbing the chance to 'Play with a legend'

A unique opportunity to play with an all-star of your choosing, live out your boyhood dreams with a Premier League legend.

And finally staying on the football theme, take control with 'Electric shock football'


where you have the "power" to give a player on the opposition an electric shock. So instead of moaning to the ref about a dodgy tackle and questioning his parentage, punish him instead. Genius.

Article by Mike Wood